SWUK Aesthetics Celebrate its 8th Anniversary with Promotions lasting till 30th September 2023!

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    SWUK Aesthetics 8th Anniversary Promotions!

    In 2015, SWUK Aesthetics opened its very first shop in Alexandra Central Mall which offered the well acclaimed CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift treatment from the UK to Singapore. Fast forward to today, SWUK Aesthetics now boasts many popular unique treatments and services brought from many countries including the UK, USA, Switzerland and Korea in Orchard Gateway.

    To celebrate the 8th anniversary milestone, SWUK Aesthetics would like to offer a sincere thank you to all its customers by offering promotions for its most popular treatments starting from 10th August till 30th September 2023. 

    Face Gym Pass

    8 days Unlimited Pass $128 (U.P. $960)

    For customers, SWUK Aesthetics provides a special gym treatment just for your face!

    If you have experienced any of the following:

    • Use of Botox for a long period of time,
    • Sagging muscles due to frequent travel,
    • Sagging facial muscle tone due to aging, stressful lifestyle.

    Then look no further!

    Featuring SWUK Aesthetics microcurrent technology, the Face Gym Pass helps to exercise face muscles by stimulating the 32 facial muscles that have lost their elasticity due to gravity, bringing them as close as possible to their original positions and achieving a more toned and lifted face.

    Face ‘V’ 

    1 HIFU + 1 AQUA Facial $188 (U.P. $915)

    Specially curated for customers who would like a more in-depth and detailed lifting for your face, SWUK Aesthetics Face ‘V’ Lift is perfect for customers with these concerns:

    1. Those who feel the effect of ageing,
    2. Submental Fat,
    3. Lifting for V Line,
    4. Wrinkles on eyes, mouth, nose, and forehead,
    5. Droopy eyelids,
    6. Dark circles or eye bags.


    Using a non-invasive treatment with thermal energy by penetrating into the SMAS layer (𝐮𝐩𝐩 𝐭𝐨 𝟒.𝟓𝐦𝐦) -  located in the deeper skin layer. SWUK Aesthetics HIFU treatment is effective for skin tightening, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and lifting sagging skin. Furthermore, the results are long-lasting and can be seen immediately after treatment.

    Facial or Massage

    1 Facial or 1 Massage + 1 Add on $88 (U.P. $288)

    SWUK Aesthetics 8th Anniversary would not be complete without facial and massage treatments.

    SWUK Aesthetics Signature Facials features a great selection of facials from Korea, Switzerland and USA to cater for different skin types and conditions. These facials are designed to further support customers' daily home skincare program by giving a deep cleanse to the skin and removing built-up dirt and oils to help achieve healthy and rejuvenated skin.

    Furthermore, SWUK Aesthetics is also providing premium add-ons! To achieve more effective results, SWUK Aesthetics is also providing a custom selection of skin ampoules using ultrasound machines to penetrate the vitamins in the ampoules deeper into the skin. 

    The facials are sure to improve cell renewal by increasing skin metabolism and circulation.

    Specially for customers, every facial comes with a close follow-up to a complimentary touch-up after the facial if the skin has some reaction, such as a pimple pop, to prevent infection.

    Customers may also choose the SWUK Aesthetics Massage Treatments option! SWUK Aesthetics Massage Treatment will help reduce stress, lessen pain, and reduce muscle tightness, ensuring relaxation for both the body and mind.

    Don’t miss out on all these promotions for SWUK Aesthetics 8th Anniversary, and look forward to more exciting promotions and treatments at SWUK Aesthetics

    SWUK Aesthetics is located at 

    277 Orchard Rd, #03-07 Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858

    Website: www.swukaesthetics.com.sg

    Whatsapp: +65 8839 7238

    Phone: +65 6250 1326

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