Facial Serum

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    A lightweight, intensely hydrating serum that calms and deeply re-hydrates skin, while targeting both emerging and existing visible signs of ageing.

    The Facial Serum is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Saccharide complex, known for its powerful hydrating action, the serum restores the skin’s natural moisture levels. Biosaccharide Gum-4 offers skin protection from pollution while antioxidants from Cloudberry help replenish and repair visibly compromised skin with its calming properties. Sodium PCA instantly rehydrates skin and ensures long-lasting moisture retention, whereas Panthenol improves skin texture and elasticity. Easily absorbed, and gentle enough for all skin types.

    How to use 
    Dispend two pumps of the hydrating serum in your hands and massage into your face and neck daily. Let the skin absorb the serum for a moment and then follow up with moisturizing cream.  Use in the morning and night after toner.